Ain Warka-Ghosta Convent

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Ain Warka School:
• The Social Welfare of the Young Girl of Lebanon in Ain Warka receives female students (primary, complementary and technical classes) and most of them suffer from difficult social situation. The school takes care of them with the contribution of the Ministry of Social Affairs.
• The social institution of the “Young Girl of Lebanon”: Welcomes people with a mild mental handicap.
• The workshop: In the workshop, clothes and liturgical accessories are made.
• The Novitiate House


Historical overview

Ain Warka which was built on “the bones of the Saints”, as our Father Emile and his predecessors tell, is a church and a convent of St Anthony the Great, inaugurated by the Patriarch Estephan DOUEIHY, on the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, on September 14, 1798.
After less than a hundred years, in 1889, the convent was transformed into a school as the Patriarch Youssef Estephan wanted. This school was nominated by one of its graduates, Monseigneur Jean Habib “the mother of the schools of Lebanon and Syria”. Four patriarchs, more than twenty Bishops and three hundred priests, as well as lay geniuses who played a vital role in the Lebanese and Arab civilization and contributed to their intellectual and scientific evolution graduated from this school.
The school of Ain Warka, which has a great reputation, is located in the valley of Ghosta, a village of Kesrouan, and is overlooking the sea, and raises its head towards the mountains of Lebanon, joining the light!
At this school, entered the young man Emile Geara in 1945, and left it as a priest in 1952, carrying his bread to offer it to those in need And in that year, the ecclesiastical school of Ain Warka was closed.
But Father Emile wanted Ain Warka to be the starting point of the project that God entrusted to him. He says, “I have great faith in God and in his words.”
Thus … he asked Patriarch Paul-Pierre Maouchy that Ain Warka shall be the starting point of the Social Welfare of the Young Girl of Lebanon. His request was granted. Work then began at Ain Warka which opened again in the year 1956-1957.
Mr Abbas Farhat, an employee in charge at the Ministry of Social Affairs, noted in his report after the visited the institution on 20 March 1957, “the good intentions of the preparations made by the management of the institution, as well as their tremendous enthusiasm, formed the most essential factor in the foundation and equipment of the institution and it’s a crucial basic which ensure its success in the future in addition to the great willingness to collaborate with the ministry and the implementation of programs and the given directives. All this initiates us to hope for the absolute success of the institution “.
With the beginning of actions at the institution, Father Emile was still planning. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, he decided to found the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the very Holy Sacrament. He exposed his project to Patriarch Maouchy who granted him his grace in 1965.
The Congregation was founded on September 14, 1966. There were then eight novices. And on October 3, 1968, Bishop Nasrallah Sfeir accepted the first apostolic vows that the novices presented.

Ain Warka-Ghosta

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