Ehmej Convent

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The center of Ain Deir, Ehmej, is a gift from the late, Marie Moujabber, to the Congregation in the year 2001. Ain Deir is a small village near Ehmej, calm and serene, which overlooks Mount Hafroun (Laklouk) on the Northeast side and on Mount Moussa on the Southeast side.
It used to be for a long time a summer residence for the religious sisters provided there with great rest and tranquility, and it is suitable for meditation and prayer. Sisters participate in spiritual activities in the center of Ain Deir with the neighboring parish of Ehmej.


In the year 2012, the center was inaugurated in order to receive religious sisters who wanted to dedicate a year or more of their lives for spiritual renewal, following a regime specific to them at the convent, and they devote more time for meditation, prayer and adoration of the Eucharist. Likewise, they prepare manual work for the exhibitions that the Congregation organizes.
Year after year, for fifty years, the fertile seed of “Father Emil” has grown more and more, as well as his apostolic congregation and his social organization. It is essentially based on the belief in the power of the Creator embodied in the Eucharist. Its purpose is to serve humans for free, with great love. The gift of “Father Emile” is a joy. This father who, with his religious sisters, devoted himself to serving, first, the Eucharist through prayer, and serving Man through work. It is the light, the light of the Holy Spirit, which inspires good and holiness. We thank him.

The “Working Circle for Peace” (CTP)
Is designed, first, as a meeting place for current and former scholarship recipients.
A place where they can deepen and concretize their commitment to Peace. This meeting place CTP is also supposed to build a bridge between Switzerland and Lebanon. It is intended to promote concrete awareness, dialogue, exchange, education and continuous training, ethical development and mobilization for people in need.

Ain El Deir-Ehmej

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