The Eucharistic Family

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Its Definition

The Eucharistic Family is a laicism association that joins everyone who wishes to deepen his Christian commitment, based on the spirituality of the Congregation of Missionary of the Very Holy Sacrament Sisters. The Family finds the secret of her union, the strength of her mission and the source of the holiness of its sons and daughters in the divine love that flows from the sacrament of the Church, which is the sacrament of great love, the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Aim and Purpose

The first objective of the Eucharistic Family is the personal sanctification of its members, through:
a- Performing a permanent devotion to the Holy Eucharist.
b- Participation in the Eucharist, sign of unity and a bond of love.
c- Contemplation in the word of God, which is a “word of life.”
d- The call to live the apostolic and pastoral dimension, and witness in our daily life.
e- Participation in every work related to building the body of Christ, in cooperation with the Missionary Sisters of the Very Holy Sacrament.

Our Activities

دعوة لعيد القربان الأقدس

Our Eucharistic family gathers every Thursday to worship and praise the Lord Jesus, who is present in the Holy sacrament

Decree recognizing

Decree recognizing the Eucharistic Family as an Ecclesiastical Association