His Prayers

July 12, 1949 (Topic: the virtues of the prayer of the Rosary)

Thursday, November 1, 1951

Some tell that: after a long quest, we found among the pebbles, at the edge of the sea, a stone that transforms bodies into gold when disposed on them! Its force is only an illusion. It could have been found in another body - that is, in the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin! This Blessed Rosary must always be in our hands. This precious stone that we respectfully hold between our fingers sanctifies all our affairs and behaviors and turns them into heavenly gold, which means the gold of blessings, designed to be stored in the heavenly gates of God that are never ruined (Luke 12: 33-34)
I beg you, my dear Mother Mary, in the name of the great love your pure heart felt for Jesus, your only son, to replace my weak heart by the heart of Jesus, whose beats belongs to eternal life. I ask you, Mother Mary, if this Divine Heart is given to me, not to only carry life to my weak body as it used to be, when I lived with my heart but to bring life to all humanity.In this case it will be a perfect gift to me who has been offered the chance to be the representative of Jesus on earth, as they say: "the priest is a second Jesus!”

April 29, 1949

The Virgin Mary loves the tired sinners, and she has mercy on them a lot more than on those who enjoy a peaceful life, as she is aware of their misery. That is how we must love, tolerate, and have mercy on the weak and the ignorant among our brethren (9:22) if we are to be her sons, having the honor to follow the most gracious, perfect and tender of mothers!

October 16, 1974

... and I add: what I have realized through your adored and Blessed works is what you wanted me to do by my weak hands. This is how by your act of generosity, God, you decided to share with me your priesthood and it is already the most perfect gift. You even gave me the strength to found in the field of your Church, an institution that ensures the good training of the girls of your people, so they can enjoy an immaculate life like your Mother Mary, and you have granted me the grace to found a Congregation in the name of your love, "The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Very Holy Sacrament". Yes, I admit it again. I had no willpower and no personal capacity in all of this. Your kind Heart, alone, planned, prepared, and achieved, all this for me and through me to glorify your Name, and proclaim your Love and Power, as well as for the good life and joy of my brethren, the humans, that you wanted my sisters and I to be a part of their salvation.

The Spirit of Truth presumes the future

One of the prayers of our Founder, Father Emile, the one he wrote on the day of the feast of the Sacred Heart, on Friday, June 8, 1956, which is also the day of the fourth annual commemoration of his apostolate. It was as if he presumed what the Sacred Heart of Jesus would achieve through him ten years later. Lord Jesus, you who have raised me to the rank of your priests and your beloved, by impressing the mark of the priesthood deep in my heart and soul. And since that moment I no longer live for myself or my own heart; I live for you and through your heart. Thus, I ask you, for the pure blood which has emerged from your Sacred Heart, to sanctify my priestly heart, and to transform into your heart, so that I could love you from your deepest loving heart as well as all souls.Yes, I beg you through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, mother of the priest and his example, to give me a heart that opens and widens for the love of my brothers, all humans; a heart that wants to sacrifice itself in order to sanctify them as much as you want, a heart that participates in everything that takes place in your Divine Heart, your feelings, your desires and your intentions, a heart burning of your love for the Blessed Sacrament which is an embodiment of your love for humans. And so that I can incite people, as I desire, to love the Blessed Sacrament, I beg you to give me the capacity to achieve the greatest of my desires, according to what you inspired me, a new Congregation bearing the name of: "The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Very Holy Sacrament" and to fill the hearts of these sisters by the fire that heats your Divine Heart, through the Blessed Sacrament.Thus, they will go among the souls, especially the little abandoned hearts in our Lebanese villages, to sow the love of the Eucharist, transforming their hearts into beautiful living glasses that can have your hidden greatness ... and the sisters are the representatives of your Mother on Earth, and that each one of them is a second "Teresa of the child Jesus". Blessed Virgin Mary, you are the crown of the virgins and their honor, have the kindness to form, by your pure hands and your parental heart, the hearts of these sisters already mentioned, the brides of your son who are consecrated to him; thus, the celestial groom will touch there the traces of your Blessed Hands.Finally, I ask you that this sacred union that distinguishes the Missionaries’ life, the Missionaries of the Love of Jesus, and my apostolic one, will be similar to the union incarnated in Your Life and that of Your Son. Amen.