Its purposes

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The particular purposes of our congregation which determine and clarify the God-inspired charisma that our founding father leaf out to be the distinguished sign of our religious Institute are as follows:

1- The constant worship of the Blessed Sacrament
2- Collaboration with parish priests
3- Youth education
4- Paying attention to the poor
1- The constant worship

The main purpose of our congregation is the constant worship of the Blessed Sacrament with the determined and tireless concern to extend this worship among the faithful and especially among children, being convinced that Jesus alone is “our Life and the Life of souls”.

Eucharistic procession with students
2- Collaboration with parish priests

Collaboration with the priests of the parishes, especially the rural ones, in all their apostolic activities, on the religious and educational levels within the reach of the salvation of the neighbor, in the parishes in need of humanitarian and religious services.

Marial procession with group "faith and light" - Jbeil
3- Youth education

To educate youth and to pay special attention to girls so they could totally fulfill their role as mothers and educators in the future. This is to be achieved by teaching them the Christian virtues and helping them to live honestly in the villages’ healthy atmosphere.
Thus, we aspire to provide them with a solid religious, moral, cultural and social education coupled with a good technical and professional training to meet their needs.

With the SLS Youth
4- Paying attention to the poor

Have special attention and compassion for the poor and abandoned people. Our motto will be this word of the Lord “He has sent me to preach the good news to the poor” (Luke 4:18)
Our compassionate attention to the poor is one of the fundamental goals of our congregation who will always remember the words of the Holy Spirit quoted in the book of Tobias (4: 7): “My son, do not turn your face from the poor and the face of God will not turn away from you.” In our Congregation, we must believe the words of our Founder: “God will always be our Lot, if we are the Lot of the poor”.

With the elderly women in Kfarmashoun