Kfarmasshoun Convent

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The young girl’s home was founded in the year 1994 in Kfarmashoun, a village that isn’t far away from Jbeil more than four kilometers, in order to receive girls who work or study in Jbeil letting their families and homes. Thus, these girls would find a quiet and secured place that meets their needs of accommodation.

The center also receives those who wish to hold spiritual retreats or youth meetings, where reception, gathering and bedding rooms equipped with all means of rest.
In addition to the pastoral service performed by the sisters in the neighboring villages, a dispensary was established in the center, providing free medical and health services to those in need.

In accordance with the fourth goal of our Congregation, which states “to extend the hand of aid to the poor and needy,” a section of the center’s building in Kfar Mashoun was transformed into a home for the elderly, concerned with housing and caring for elderly women from different regions, according to a decree issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs in 2001.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive care to the elderly, in a safe, peaceful and comfortable environment, through a specialized health team that seeks to provide full-time care under the supervision of the sisters, who in turn seek to create recreational activities and spiritual stations that add an atmosphere of peace and joy.

Sacred Art Workshop

“An Icon … and an Artist”
The Holy Icon’s professional was inaugurated under the management and supervision of Sister Teresa Al-Shayeb, who is one of the Holy Communion Sisters. She holds a master’s degree in sacred art from the Holy Spirit University – Kaslik, and a certificate in writing Byzantine icons from a loyal professional.
For those wishing to obtain icons for communication: 70/360775
For those wishing to study and write icons and delve into them, contact: 70/360775

Facebook: Iconographiste – محترف الإيقونة المقدسة

Email: icono.graphiste@gmail.com