Beit Hebbak Convent

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Beit-Habbak is a small village located on one of the peaks of the Western Lebanon Mountains, on the Northeast side of the district of Jbeil. Eleven kilometers separate this village from this historic city, as it lays in a beautiful calm atmosphere, like most Lebanese villages, that have not been dominated by urbanism that corrupts the world by its pollution and its loud atmosphere.


The center of Beit-Habbak: the mission house

Since the village is in need of human services, Father Emile Geara founded with the religious in 1969 a school that was soon developed into a High School that offers to thousand pupils, in intern and extern branches, scientific, moral and spiritual education.
And in 1991, the technical branch was established, then the workshop and finally the dispensary that offers free health care and services for a large number of citizens, due to economic crisis that hit the country. This health care encompasses all medical specialties, in addition to a dental clinic, and the insurance of medicaments, vaccinations and regular consultations to students.
Besides, the sisters offered to the young girls, the classrooms and classes of the college, where trainings sessions for leaders of groups responsible of children, as well as sports festivals and other social activities are organized.
Father Emile named the center of Beit Habbak: the house of the mission, in the will that this house will be a center of cultural, moral and spiritual influence in the service of the man : the man of faith and the man of patriotism.

The school

The Young Girl School of Lebanon is an educational and spiritual institution, which educates today’s young girl according to spiritual and human values and provides them with scientific knowledge in light of the needs of society.
The school consists of about 1400 students, from preschool to high school. The nuns with a group of pedagogical specialists and teachers help each other to ensure a better education that goes hand in hand with the technical and technological development for the students, so they will be good citizens who takes part in the formation of society and its development.
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Boarding school
The school in Beit Habbak hosts about eight boarder girls. The religious sisters strive to ensure to the girls a familial atmosphere to make this school a second home for the girls who proceed their education with the other students of the school.


It is a social and health clinic. It was established in 1988 to help the poor and provide health services to people in neighboring villages.
This clinic is connected with:
– The Ministry of Social Affairs
– The Ministry of Health
– The Christian Youth Association
Several doctors of different specialties offer their services: gynecologists, pediatricians, osteologists, general practitioners, dentists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, surgeons and nutritionists.
The dispensary organizes various activities such as:
– Conferences
– Activities for old and children
– Ensure medicaments
– Blood tests
– At the beginning of each school year, all school students are consulted.
– We visit all the sick and all who need to receive medical care, especially to the poor among them.

The sewing factory

The sewing workshop was established with the mutual agreement of the founding father Monseigneur Emil Geara and the mother superior Françoise Doueihy at the request of Sister Marie Charbel Geara. It aims to teach the girls of the villages the techniques of sewing so that they can work and earn their bread with dignity.
This workshop deals with sewing school costume and many other costumes such as:
– Liturgical clothes;
– Dresses for the first communion;
– Dresses for the deceased;
– Curtains;
– Sewing and repairing the school costumes and costumes of the nuns.

The workshop

Exhibition of religious manual work
Liturgical Clothes (Maronite and Latin Rites)

Exhibition of handicrafts
– Manual labor
– Ceramic
– Door stoppers
– Icons
– Embroidery


It specialized in preparing bakeries and canned food and to teach girls how to make pastries as well.